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How to Complain

  • Contact the Sub Registrar office concerned. Alternatively use our grievances Redressal System.

  • Acknowledge your complaint through SMS immediately.Review your complaint and send you a full response usually within 15 days.

  • You can Register and track the Grievances online.

How the Complaints are Dealt with

  • The complaints pertaining to corruption are forwarded to the Vigilance Department.

  • Rest of the feedback/petitions will be categorized as :Grievances,Suggestions,Requests.

  • The Grievances received through this portal are directly forwarded to the concerned highest authority of the district i.e. District Magistrate(DM)/Registrar.

  • The DM takes action and submits ATR, and can mark the same to the concerned officer for action. The concerned officer takes and submits draft ATR to the Registrar to be Accepted.

  • Once the ATR is accepted, the same can be displayed on the RGMS complaint portal. The complainant can see the status of his/her grievance under the link, review the status of the grievance and submit the feedback on his/her Satisfaction Level.

  • The complainant also gets a SMS alert on the resolution of his Grievance.

  • Grievances are to be, in any case, resolved within 30 days. Grievances of urgent nature will be categorized as SOS and will be assigned a deadline of 3 days.

  • In case of a complaint that needs to be handled by the multiple branches, the branch that needs to take action first will to it and then will forward the same to the next branch.

  • Grievances resolved unsatisfactorily are reopened.

  • If a Grievance cannot be resolved, the reasons will be uploaded on the system along with relevant reasons.

  • Citizen's feedback on Grievances resolution and satisfaction level in dealing with Registration machinery is obtained through call centre Services.

If you are Still not Satisfied

  • The grievance with the feedback, if not satisfactory,can be reopened, based on feasibility as per the decision of the Inspector General of Registration and as soon as the complaint is reopened, the Grievance is reflected in the pendency of the concerned Registrar and further actions are taken.

Independent Complaints Reviewer

  • Any aggrieved person may make a complaint in writing to the Secretary to the Public Grievances Commission (PGC) giving specific details of his grievance or complaint as the case may be.

  • The complaint should be supported by
  • The documents made by the complainant to the department and
  • The inaction/wrong action taken by the concerned office/official on the same,
  • Copy of the order passed by the official of the department giving cause for the complaint
  • An undertaking on plain paper filed by the complainant filing the grievance that the facts made in the complaint application and also the declaration that the complaint matter is not subjudice in any court of law/judicial/quasi judicial Authority.

  • The Commission may at its discretion, call for an Action Taken Report (ATR) from the concerned Department against whom the complaint has been made.The PGC would then schedule a hearing to the complainant in person and ascertain the exact nature and extent of grievance. The Commission usually summons both the parties i.e. the complainant and the Department to get the issue resolved in its presence. However, the help of an advocate or a legal practitioner is not permitted during the hearing.

Action Through Court

  • If the complaint or the Grievance cannot be resolved through the Department’s complaint procedure and you are considering court action, you should

  • Get independent legal advice before starting Proceedings.

  • Read the rules of the court for guidance and sent any legal proceedings to the SR office.

  • The proceedings should be issued against the SR/Registrar/IG (Registration).

Helpline Number

You can use the Anti Corruption Helpline number 1031 to make Complaints Related to Corruption. Your Identity will be kept Anonymous.

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